Unknown Airfield, Norway, 1945

Unknown Airfield, Norway, 1945

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Unknown Airfield, Norway, 1945

Here we see an unknown airfield somewhere in Norway in 1945. Sadly the original caption isn't fully legible and would appear to read 'Stjqcla'. None of the wartime airfields match the length and starting letter, and several of them were in valleys between wooded hills, so I have been unable to identify the location. However elsewhere in the collection is a picture of a church at Stjordal, Trondheim, one of the possible candidates.

Many thanks to Pauline Law for allowing us to post these pictures, which came from her father Charles Rendell's collection. He served with the service echelons for No. 170 Squadron and then No.129 Squadron, and took part in the post-war liberation of Norway

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