Who did Murasaki Shikibu fall in love with?

Who did Murasaki Shikibu fall in love with?

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A line from Donald Keene's introductory text about The Tale of Genji piqued my curiosity:

We know little else about Murasaki's early years, though her poems suggest that she fell in love at least once.

Keene goes on to talk about Murasaki Shikibu's marriage. It is clear that Murasaki Shikibu didn't like her second cousin and would-be husband Fujiwara no Nobutaka at first, so much so she accompanied her father to Echizen in order to escape the marriage. She did eventually come back to the capital and marry her cousin, but apparently her cousin was not her first love described in her own writings. So who was it? Do we know from her early work?

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