Why is Britain the only country called “perfidious”?

Why is Britain the only country called “perfidious”?

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The UK is designated as Perfidious Albion, allegedly, because of its duplicity in diplomatic affairs during its imperial times.

Why did only the UK receive this derogatory designation?

Didn't all colonial empires, more or less, apply the same strategies?

References to "Perfidious_Albion" contain references to various hypocrisies of England, (considered as such, by other Europeans).

1) England presumably promoted "progressive" governments, e.g. "Republican" France, then turned around and made alliances with reactionary monarchs, including e.g. the Tsars of Russia.
2) England preached freedom of religion and suppressed Catholicism in Ireland.
3) England preached "Take up the White Man's burden," but perpetrated atrocities in India, South Africa, and elsewhere.
4) England preached "Free trade" but often practiced mercantilism.

Other European countries (e.g. "Republican" France) were either truer to "progressive" ideals that they preached, or else were openly "less Enlightened." For instance, at the Congress of Vienna, the Tsar of Russia stated that he was through with "liberal" ideas.

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