No. 320 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

No. 320 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

No. 320 Squadron (RAF) during the Second World War

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No.320 (Netherlands) Squadron was formed around a number of Fokker T-VIIIW seaplanes that escaped from the Netherlands. It spent the next three years serving as a maritime patrol and anti-shipping squadron, before becoming a daylight bomber squadron in 1943, a role it performed until the end of the war.

In May 1940 the Germans invaded the neutral Netherlands. The country was quickly overrun, but a number of Dutch aircraft escaped to the UK. Amongst them were a number of modern Fokker T-VIIIW twin-engined seaplanes, which flew from the Netherlands to Pembroke Dock.

On 1 June 1940 these aircraft were used to form No.320 (Netherlands) Squadron. The new squadron was used to fly maritime patrols, using the Fokkers until the supply of spare parts ran out. The Fokkers were replaced by the Avro Anson, and from October by the rather more capable Lockheed Hudson.

No.320 merged with another Dutch squadron, No.321, on 18 January 1941, and in March the combined squadron moved to Scotland. The maritime patrols continued, but anti-shipping strikes were added to the mix. In April 1942 the squadron moved down the east coast to East Anglia, where it continued the same duties, now focusing on German shipping between the Elbe and the Hook of Holland.

A major change of role came in March 1943 when the squadron was transferred to No.2 Group, Bomber Command. The Hudsons were replaced with Mitchells, and on 17 August 1942 the squadron flew its first daylight bombing raid.

The squadron formed part of Second Tactical Air Force, and was used to support the D-Day landings. On 10 June 1944 it took part in one of a number of 'set piece' attacks of the period, when it provided some of the 61 Mitchells that carried out a low-level attack on La Caine Chateau, the headquarters of General von Schweppenburg's Panzer Group West. Eighteen staff officers were killed in the raid, amongst them the general's chief of staff. The HQ was forced to pull back to Paris to recover, greatly reducing its efficiency at a key moment in the battle in Normandy.

The squadron moved to Belgium in October 1944, and to Germany in the last week of the war. The squadron didn't remain with the RAF for long after the end of the war, and on 2 August 1945 it was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy.

June-September 1940: Fokker T.VIII-W
June 1940-October 1941: Avro Anson I
October 1940-September 1942: Lockheed Hudson I, II and III
September 1942-March 1943: Lockheed Hudson VI
March 1943-August 1945: North American Mitchell II
February-August 1945: North American Mitchell III

June 1940-March 1941: Pembroke Dock and Carew Cheriton
March 1941-April 1942: Leuchars
April 1942-March 1943: Bircham Newton
March 1943: Methwold
March-August 1943: Attlebridge
August 1943-February 1944: Lasham
February-October 1944: Dunsfold
October 1944-April 1945: B.58 Melsbroek
April-August 1945: B.110 Achmer

Squadron Codes: NO

June 1940-March 1941: Maritime patrols
March 1941-March 1943: Anti-shipping and maritime patrols
August 1943 onwards: Daylight bomber squadron

Part of
15 February 1943: No.16 Group; Coastal Command
6 June 1944: No.139 Wing; No.2 Group; Second Tactical Air Force; Allied Expeditionary Air Force


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34th bomb squadron crash

This patch merges elements of both the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons. It was being flown by a Charles H. Ettlebrick on this mission and this plane was his crew's regular aircraft. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Dedicated to the members 387th Bomb Group (M) 556th Bomb Squadron 557th Bomb Squadron 558th Bomb Squadron 559th Bomb Squadron 1 December 1942 - 17 November 1945 — — Map (db m25970) WM 99 Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 389th Bomb Group — 564th, 565th, 566th, 567th Squadrons — The unit was never remanned or equipped. B-1 Lancer, 34 BS Super Wide Canvas Print with Floating Black Gallery Frame. The mission took place on April 18, 1942, after Japanese forces launched a surprise bombing on Pearl Harbor. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. 1 talking about this. Three-car crash on Deadwood Ave. Activated on 20 Nov 1943. The 17th Bombardment Group comprised the 34th, 37th and 95th Squadrons, plus the attached 89th Reconnaissance Squadron. B-24 flight engineer Bill Toombs was over Germany when bad went to worse. Activated on 10 May 1952. The plane was badly damaged on December 24,1944 when it collided with another B … Shephard G. Litsey's aircraft. Constituted as 34th Bombardment Group (Heavy) on 20 Nov 1940. Inactivated on 25 Jun 1958. This is a list of United States Army Air Forces B-17 Flying Fortress units of the United States Army Air Forces, including variants and other historical information.Heavy bomber training organizations primarily under II Bomber Command in the United States and non-combat units are not included.. B-17G-80-BO: 43-38074 to 43-38273. On April 18, 1942, 34th BS crews famously flew the B-25 Mitchell from the deck of the USS Hornet with crews from the 37th Bomb Squadron and 432nd Attack Squadron during the Doolittle Raid against Japan. Journal Staff. 34th Bomb Squadron is similar to these military units: 37th Bomb Squadron, 28th Operations Group, 28th Bomb Wing and more. The 34th Pursuit Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Also, it has the combined 437 for the 34th and the 37th. July 28 – Target: Vilvorde, France. The U.S. Air Force was part of the Army during World War II, and was also called the Army Air Forces or the Air Corps. This is a, believed to be comprehensive, list of military units to use the Martin B-26 Marauder during World War II.This list was created using the public content located at, the content from the B-26 Martin Marauder Historical Society, and data from the United States Air Force Historical Research Agency.. Verification of this list with records supplied by the United States Air … He was with the 34th Bomb Group, 7th Squadron and flew 34 missions during 1944 and 1945 as bombardier. Other than water damage to the engine, the plane was salvageable. It was wiped out in the Battle of the Philippines (1941–42). The 2001 deployment patch worn by Airmen of the 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron. Thirty-six aircraft from the Group were slated for the mission however, one aborted and none of the remaining thirty-five aircraft were able to drop their bombs. My friend will be laying a wreath at the Cambridge American Cemetery at Madingley, UK, on Monday in memory of those USAAF personnel of the 34th Bomb Group who lost their lives and were stationed at … Meet the tanker that keeps Ellsworth B-1s mission ready from the skies. The 34th Bomb Squadron is presently the 4th-oldest active squadron in the United States Air Force, being formed on 10 May 1917, less than a month after the United States' entry into World War I. Also included are the Trolley Missions in May 1945 and the chronological events of the Anatomy of a Mission. 3 BD, 93 CBW Apr 1944 3 AD, 93 CBW 1 Jan 1945 . The 34th Bomb Group joined other 8th Air Force bombers in an aerial attack on tactical targets in the vicinity of Vilvorde, France. MUNS, LSS welcome new commanders. 34th BS was part of the 17th Bomb Group. $19.90. 549 Bomb Squadron. 34th Bomb Squadron emblem - Grunge Style Classic T-Shirt Essential T-Shirt. George Air Force Base History. 366th Wing, 34th Bomb Squadron "Thunderbirds", Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. Ford B-24L-5-FO Liberator – s/n 44-49279 – 564th Bomb Squadron, 389th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force 20 June 1945. Her husband, Lt Col Travis “Plague” Stephens is an F-15E pilot and weapons officer serving as the Commander, 391st Fighter Squadron. Squadrons of the 34th BG 4th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy 7th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy 18th Bombardment Squadron -Heavy 391st Bombardment Squadron - Heavy. 34th Bomb Squadron. 34th Infantry Division Association. Douglas School Districts Superintendent on paid leave of absence. Activated on 15 Sep 1995. … 24 December 1944. Includes hours, prices, newsletter, calendar of events, forums, membership details, volunteer opportunities, directions and contact information. by Wikipedia. This was reported to be the “…first crash of an … Shambarger, Walter B. The 37th Bomb Squadron (37 BS) is part of the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. It operates B-1 Lancer aircraft providing strategic bombing capability. The squadron is one of the oldest in the United States Air Force, its origins dating to 13 June 1917, being organized at Kelly Field, Texas. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Returned to the USA. MISSION FOR TODAY. 34th Bomb Group. High quality Bomb Squadron gifts and merchandise. Hill fighter wings will continue night flying into May. Military units similar to or like 34th Bomb Squadron. The 34th, which was located at Castle AFB, California, flew the B-52G Stratofortress, giving the composite wing deep interdiction bombing capabilities as the only B-52 unit armed with the deadly, long-range HAVE NAP missile. 34th Infantry Division 419. Help Wanted for information about these men. 384th BG Home. . Chronicles the history of the 8th Air Force during World War II and after. 34th bomb squadron Local News. 34th BG Mission Report - Mission #27 Coulommiers. It was last assigned to the 34th Bombardment Group at Sioux Falls Army Air Field, South Dakota, where it was inactivated on 28 August 1945. After the events of Sept. 11, 2001, the 37th BS again roared into action alongside their sister squadron, the 34th BS, and formed the 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron. The Missing Air Crew Report link is indexed by both crew and date. 4 inch 34th Bomb Squadron Thunderbirds Patch – Sew On. Shames, Ed 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division 844 . Sheehy, John J. Landing accident. Located in Pooler, near Savannah. The Missing Air Crew Reports are contained within the summaries. The B-25 slammed into the north side of the 102-story building at the 79th floor level, some 913 feet above 34th Street, at an estimated 200 miles an hour. Bill Bresnan 8/13/2012 My uncle Tom was a member of the 34th. As a professional researcher and World War II historian, Bill Beigel provides research services to genealogists, historians, authors, and civilians who are looking for information found in WW2 military unit records. 68th Bomb Squadron, 44th Bomb Group 328. 12 planes were dispatched and all 12 failed to bomb. B-24J Liberator serial 44-40454 34th BG, 7th Bomb Squadron “Betta Duck” nose art B-24 42-40072 piloted by Lt. Irby of the 307th Bomb Group, 371st Bomb Squadron B-24J Liberator Nose Art “Impatient Virgin” Head On View B-24 Bomber Group in Intense Flak Over Burning Target Liberator B Mk VI KH166 ex B-24J 44-10731 USA The 4th Bombardment Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Then an 88 round went right through the number four wing tank. This list is of the units it was assigned to, and the bases it was stationed. Redesignated as 34 Bombardment Squadron, Heavy, and activated, on 15 Nov 1962. 11th Aero Squadron posing with its Dayton-Wright DH-4s[note 1] After training in the United States, the squadron sailed for Europe on the RMS Orduna on 18 December 1917. Sep 13, 2020. Mandatory 10-digit dialing to begin in South Dakota. Assignments. Topic. As a professional researcher and World War II historian, Bill Beigel provides research services to genealogists, historians, authors, and civilians who are looking for information found in WW2 military unit records. It didn't blow up the plane, but they lost all the fuel for that engine, so now they had two engines out. The crew, assigned to the 34th Bomb Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., had moved the plane’s wings into a swept-back position to enhance performance. Both men were part of the 7th Squadron, 34th Bombardment Group. In attendance were members of the 34th and 37th Bomb Squadrons and the 89th Attack Squadron, as all of these units participated in the original Doolittle Raid operation. 43-37883 "Blue Streak" M/Sgt Lew Funk identified this picture as B-17G 43-38363 Flying Fortress, the "Powerful Poodle" which was his friend T/Sgt. unlimited digital. Constituted 16th Bomb Maintenance Squadron, Very Heavy, on 19 Nov 1943. 34th Fighter Generation Squadron completes Agile Combat Employment exercise. Hill's fighter wings deploy F-35 to France. Bomb Group Missions Summaries. The impact tore an … Pilot Successfully Ejects. Joseph Altamore served with the 34th Bomb Group as a bombardier. According to this was an engine failure-related, fatal crash. He was in the 34th Bomb Gp. 34th Bmb Grp/8th AF 34th Bomb Squadron Reunion 356th Fighter Group, 359th, 360th, 361st Fighter Squadron 35th Maint. A B-25 assigned to the 34th Squadron participating in the historic Doolittle Raid April 18, 1942. 90% OFF! We offer many authentic aviation items which include vintage flying helmets, flying gloves, insignia, and goggles and accessories - many of which are unique and hard to find aviation items.We have been a top rated Seller on E-Bay for over 20 years with over 43,000 Positive Feedback. He remembered this as the picture he took of Litsey's ship getting blown out of the sky in right in front of him on November 5, 1944. It was closed by the Base Realignment and Closure (or BRAC) 1992 commission at the end of the Cold War. "May they have no more hills to climb, nor cold, nor rain, nor mud, nor enemy fire, and may they now rest in Peace." 4 inch 11th Bomb Squadron Patch – Sew On. Help Me. 421st FS, FGS remember heritage on 4/21. 703rd Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Cadet Officer: Commander Squadron A. J. This was a mistake. B-17G-85-BO (s/n 43-38422) from the 391st Bomb Squadron, 34th Bomb Group. S/N: O-808941. Flight of the 34th – Inside One WW2 Bomber Squadron’s Trailblazing Voyage from the U.S. to North Africa By Lena Yang February 11, 2021 12 mins read 61 Views B-26s of the U.S. Army Air Corps’ 34th Bomb Squadron carried out a harrowing flight across the South Atlantic to reach North Africa in the aftermath.. Bill, the book you are referring to is "The Thunderbird Goes To War", A Diary of the 34th Bombardment Squadron in World War II, edited by O.K. U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Lincoln Wood, 34th Fighter Generation Squadron weapons load crew member, drives an MJ-1 bomb lift truck to load an … The 34th FS is … Redesignated as 34 Bombardment Squadron, Tactical, on 1 Oct 1955. The Black Pirates: 400th Bomb Squadron in the Southwest Pacific, 1942-1944: The Jolly Rogers 400th Bomb Squadron Unit History Reprint by James Ellis Lefemine : 90th BG - LITTLE EVA B - 24 D - 5 - CO 41-23762 5 90 321 The Crash of Little Eva: The Ultimate World War II Survivor Story by Barry Ralph : … It is assigned to the 7th Operations Group, Global Strike Command, stationed at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. L Troop, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Chapmanville, West Virginia One of three soldiers killed when a roadside bomb exploded near their military vehicle in … Redesignated the 1st Special Operations Maintenance Squadron on 16 November 2006. The 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron poses for a photograph with a B-1B Lancer at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Inactivated on 16 Sep 2013. • Mrs. • An Invader assigned to the 8th Bomb Squadron at Kunsan AB, Japan, in spring 1953. Assigned 8th AAF: Apr 1944 Wing/Command Assignment . MISSION FOR TODAY. The wing is 42nd Bomb Wing. Next reunion will be held in San Antonio, Texas, on September 24th-26th 2009. The mission took place on April 18, 1942, after Japanese forces launched a surprise bombing on Pearl Harbor. Tags: aircraft, pzd, bombardment group, pzd501, bombardment, squadron, bomb, squadron maritime, bombardment squadron b 24 liberator, consolidated b 24 liberator, usaf, b 24, usaaf, b 17 superfrotress, b 29, b 25. Before the war, almost every squadron of the RAF had its own aerobatics team. The plane and crew were assigned to the 34th Bomb Squadron, 28th Bomb Wing, at Ellsworth. This departure marks the airframe’s first mission in the U.S. Air Force Central Command's area of operations in more than two years. The PT-17 was one of five stationed at Westover at the time. The 8th AAF was a STRATEGIC air force. 43-38257 / Tyson’s Tramps. Reconstituted, and redesigned 16th Maintenance Squadron on 23 Aug 1995. Exhibits at Yellow Airplane >> 413th Fighter Group Home >> Squadron Letters This is a complete list of letters from men of the 413th Fighter Group and the 34th Fighter Squadron. Additional names will be added as information becomes available. A-1 Skyraider-- --191 total, 150 in combat –First loss A-1E 52-132465 (1st Air Commando Squadron, 34th TG) shot down during the night of 28–29 August 1964 near Bien Hoa, SVN –Final loss A-1H 52-139738 (1st Special Operations Squadron, 56th Special Operations Wing) which was shot down 28 September 1972 (pilot was rescued by an Air America helicopter). A month later, the 366th also gained the 34th Bomb Squadron. But the post-war defence cuts of the 1960s found this to be unsustainable, so brought the … He was shot down on 24 August 1944 in B-24 #4294780, nicknamed 'Smitty'. 384th BG Home. The 34th BG Squadron flew with the 92nd Wing, providing the Low Squadron with Lead and High Squadrons coming from the 486th BG. The 34th Bomb Squadron is presently the 4th-oldest active squadron in the United States Air Force, being formed on 10 May 1917, less than a month after the United States' entry into World War I. Bomb Squadron Size: 4" In Stock: >5 Price: $8.00 . Legacy of Leadership -- Decade of Dominance. Clockwise from left: Stateside Reject, a B-29 based at Kadena, was flown by the 19th BG the unit was called to action early and flew combat missions until the fighting stopped in July 1953. Using B-17’s, trained and participated in maneuvers until Dec 1041. This website honors and preserves the record of the 384th. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1976. The 11th saw combat as a day bombardment unit with First Army, 14 September 1918, which was a bloody baptism of fire. ID MACR-Nr Staffel Datum Absturz Absturzort 201: 5184: 49th Fighter Squadron: 05/24/1944: Plambach / Grünau: 202: 5185: 308th Fighter Squadron: 05/24/1944: Mariazell 3558th Squadron. The airfield then became home to the USAAF 34th Bomb Group. This unit flew missions from Mendlesham in B-24s and B-17s. After forming part of the American defence force, first on America's east coast and then on its west, the Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force in April 1944 and entered combat in May 1944. One engine was shot out. Lt. $3 for 3mos. Members of the squadron participated in World War I, World War II, Korean War, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) flew 316 combat missions over Europe in B-17 aircraft during World War II in the 8th Air Force's strategic bombing campaign against Axis powers. Nearly seventy-six years ago – on Wednesday, November 3, 1943 – an officer of the 823rd Bomb Squadron of the 38th “Sunsetter” Bomb Group made entries in his squadron’s historical records concerning that day’s central event: A strike mission along the New Guinea coast from Alexishafen to Bogadjim, to attack barges, buildings, and concealed enemy troops. Flew Patrol missions along the east coast after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. It was carried as an active unit until 2 April 1946. World War I. Share. . Names released in Box Elder fatal crash. . 9510th Air Force Recovery Squadron and 9622nd Air Force Reserve Squadron. A-1 Skyraider—191 total, 150 in combat . Boeing. Mission was Recalled in … B. Knox was his instructor at Douglas. AAA Military Network for links relating to veterans,military,and governments domestic and international. 18th BS. In 2010 the wing’s 34th Fighter Squadron inactivated. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress has been operational with the United States Air Force since 1955. 34th Bomb Squadron returns to Pusan after a dawn mission. (Image source: WikiMedia Commons) “The 34th was the first unit of any kind to make this crossing which would later become routine.” Organized on 1 Feb 1963. One year later, Tiger crews combined with the 77th Bomb Squadron, the War Eagles, for Operation Allied Force and flew combat missions in Kosovo and Serbia. 34th Bomb Group duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade

click here (canvas) serial #'d 7th Service Command Omaha, Neb. Sgt. 9th Bomb Squadron - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMi 34th/37th Exp. Redesignated as 34 Bomb Squadron, and activated, on 1 Jul 1992. The St. Paul-based 34th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade is an Army National Guard unit that supports the 34th Infantry Division and the state of Minnesota by providing aviation capabilities – both UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters – for federal and state missions. 550 Bomb Squadron. Walt Disney duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade

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