Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: ana-

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: ana-

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Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: Ana-


The prefix (ana-) means up, upward, back, again, repetition, excessive, or apart.


Anabiosis (ana-bi-osis) - resuscitating or restoring to life from a deathlike state or condition.

Anabolism (ana-bolism) - the process of building up or synthesizing complex biological molecules from simple molecules.

Anacathartic (ana-cathartic) - relating to the regurgitation of stomach contents; severe vomiting.

Anaclisis (ana-clisis) - an excessive emotional or physical attachment to or dependence on others.

Anacusis (ana-cusis) - the inability to perceive sound; total deafness or excessive quietness.

Anadromous (ana-dromous) - relating to fish that migrate upriver from the sea to spawn.

Anagoge (ana-goge) - a spiritual interpretation of a passage or text, seen as an upward assent or higher way of thinking.

Ananym (ana-nym) - a word that is spelled backwards, often used as a pseudonym.

Anaphase (ana-phase) - a stage in mitosis and meiosis when chromosome pairs move apart and migrate toward opposite ends of a dividing cell.

Anaphor (ana-phor) - a word that refers back to an earlier word in a sentence, used to avoid repetition.

Anaphylaxis (ana-phylaxis) - extreme sensitivity reaction to a substance, such as a drug or food product, caused by previous exposure to the substance.

Anaplasia (ana-plasia) - the process of a cell reverting to an immature form. Anaplasia is often seen in malignant tumors.

Anasarca (ana-sarca) - the excess accumulation of fluid in body tissues.

Anastomosis (ana-stom-osis) - the process by which tubular structures, such as blood vessels, connect or open into each other.

Anastrophe (ana-strophe) - an inversion of the conventional order of words.

Anatomy (ana-tomy) - the study of the form or structure of an organism that may involve dissecting or taking apart certain anatomical structures.

Anatropous (ana-tropous) - relating to a plant ovule that has become completely inverted during development so that the pore through which pollen enters is facing downward.

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